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To Roll or Not to Roll?

April 14, 2014 by Alec McClennan

Every spring we get questions about rolling lawns, so is it a good idea? The short answer is no - if you want a healthy lawn, rolling it is not a good idea. Why You Should NOT Roll Your Lawn A healthy soil is made up of about 50% open space that gets filled with air or water depending on the moisture level in your soil. Grass roots actually grow in this empty space between soil particles - not in the dirt. If you dont have enough pore (empty) space in between your soil particles, you wont have healthy roots. If you dont have healthy roots, you can guess what your lawn will look like. Heres a graphical example of a healthy soil: How to Smooth Your Lawn Without Rolling It If your lawn is uneven and just bumpy, heres another idea to try. Step 1: Scalp the Lawn Wait until late summer when the weather is hot and dry and give your lawn a nice scalping. This is about the worst thing you can do for your existing grasses, but thats ok - well fix that in a later step. Step 2: Core

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Protect Your Lawn Over the Winter

January 11, 2013 by Alec McClennan

You probably arent thinking about your lawn at this time of year, but did you know that the wet weather can create both problems and opportunities for you to have a nicer lawn without resorting to chemicals? All this wetness creates an issue with water sitting on the lawn. That water can lead to snow mold and eventually weeds. But dont worry, theres a solution. If you apply Aerify Plus right now, youll help move that water deep into your soil where your grass will be better able to access it when it needs it this summer. Youll also be improving the soil structure and biological life which will keep your grass healthier next year. So, if youd like to have a greener lawn than the neighbors this spring, nows a great time to apply some Aerify Plus. If you dont like doing it yourself and live in Columbus, Akron, or Cleveland Ohio just contact us and well be happy to make an application for you. Enjoy winter!

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